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Green Grotto Caves

If you’re looking for interesting things to do in jamaica, the Green Grotto caves is a must!

The Green Grotto Caves was given its name because of the algae that cover its walls. These are the kind of caves you watch kids exploring on TV, so I would say this adventure is perfect for children.

There are many areas to explore and natural lighting throughout the caves. The cave houses about 1 million bats. Scared of bats? So am I – but they were on their best behaviour, so please do not let that deter you.

The bats are all insect and fruit eaters, they aren’t interested in us humans. The guides were magnificent and friendly. They are very patient and allow you to take as many photos as you want.



On the tour you will be introduced to the drum rocks, where the guide will play a good beat for you. You should definitely try it yourself – see what you got!

You will be amazed to see that the caves actually weave through the mountainside. The highlight of the cave is for sure the crystal clear underground lake.



You will hear history about the caves itself but also learn about Jamaican culture on this tour. I encourage you to wear cool clothing because the cave can get quite hot and the tour does involve some walking so wear comfortable shoes as well.

For all you “Go Green” supporters, the Green Grotto Caves staff has a strong commitment to protecting the environment, and the caves are Green-Globe certified!



Runaway Bay

Length of Tour:
1 hour

Age Recommendation:
This tour is great for kids

Recommended clothing:
Comfortable shoes (preferably sneakers)
Cool clothing
A protective hat will be provided to you at the start of the tour

Please observe the following while touring the caves:
• Plan your caving attire, so that you will be safe and comfortable
• Touring the cave without the protective headgear provided will be at your own risk
• Do not litter the caves
• Do not break off or disfigure the delicate cave formations
• Do not smoke in the caves
• Persons touring the caves must be accompanied by a tour guide
• No pets allowed

Did you know?
…there is a part of the cave that was once used as a Nightclub? I can envision it now, good reggae music, bottles of Jamaican rum and flashing lights! Wish we could have experienced it ourselves.
…this is another place they filmed several sequences of the Live and Let Die James Bond flick.



A snap of history on The Green Grotto Caves
The first people to inhabit the island were the Taino people. The Taino people used these caves for shelter and many artifacts can be found within the cave to prove this. Historians believe the Spanish found protection within the caves when they battled the British in 1655. These caves were also the perfect hideaway for runaway slaves – hence the location of these caves – Runaway Bay! Anyhow, I wouldn’t want to spoil and give away all the details of the tour. This is the perfect tour for people of all ages – you see a lot and you learn a lot!

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